Change Your Sleep Schedule To Lose Weight, Study Shows

For example, a randomized trial published in the journal Obesity last year found that among overweight and obese women ages 35 to 55 who were engaged in a weight loss program, getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep increased the chance of weight loss success by 33 percent. dr oz garcinia cambogia While researchers dont know exactly how sleep schedules affect body mass and fat, other studies have shown that sleep has an effect on physical activity, appetite, and the hormones that control appetite, metabolism, and the cues that tell us were full. According to studiesskimping on sleep boosts production of ghrelin, the hormone that controls food cravings, and decreases production of leptin, the hormone that signals satiety and helps prevent over-eating. If you need more incentive, weight is just one of many aspects of your health that sleep benefits. Recent research shows that sleep detoxes the brain , helping rid it of protein build-up that can lead to Alzheimers and dementia.
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Fat But Fit? Study Reveals That Fitness, Not Weight, Predicts Risk Of Early Death

“Maybe in the future these cut points will be reassessed.” Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Doctor’s Office Pace the room while waiting at the doctor’s office. More from 10 Ways to Walk Off Fat Faster 9 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Exercise 20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories Grocery Store Grocery shopping? Make an extra tour around the perimeter aisles before checking out. Bathroom Break Use the restroom one floor down (or up) at work instead of heading for the one just down the hall.
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You Won’t Fatten Your Portfolio With Weight-loss Centers

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Mother’s weight loss surgery associated with premature birth

In a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Swedish researchers have found that babies born to mothers who had bariatric surgery may have a greater chance of being born premature and being small for their gestational age. “The mechanism behind how surgery influences fetal growth, we don’t yet know, but we do know that people who have bariatric surgery are at increased risk of micronutrient deficiencies,” Dr. Olof Stephansson, obstetrician and associate professor of the clinical epidemiology unit at Karolinska Institutet, said in a statement. For the study, Stephansson and his colleagues analyzed 2,500 babies born between 1992 and 2009, whose mothers had all undergone weight-loss surgery. The babies were compared to a control group of 12,500 infants, whose mothers did not have surgery. Of the babies who had been born to moms who had undergone surgery, 5.2 percent were considered small for their gestational age as opposed to 3 percent of the babies born to moms who didnt have surgery. Additionally, only 4.2 percent of the babies whose mothers had surgery were considered adequately sized, compared to 7.3 percent of the control group.
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Weight Loss Non-diet Solution – 320k Sold!

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What’s Your Fitness Age?

They took about a dozen measurements, including height, body mass index, resting heart rate, HDL and total cholesterol levels. Each person also filled out a lengthy lifestyle questionnaire. Finally, each volunteer ran to the point of exhaustion on a treadmill to pinpoint his or her peak oxygen intake (VO2 max), or how well the body delivers oxygen to its cells. VO2 max has been shown in large-scale studies to closely correlate with significantly augmented life spans, even among the elderly or overweight.
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Studio South Fitness Grows and Gives Back to Sarasota Charities

Clients are also achieving record results at Studio South Fitness , where the emphasis is on high caliber training, small fitness classes and inspiration to reach a higher level of wellness. Terri Schrock, who recently had cancer surgery, says, I was out of shape and in constant pain with a bad lower back and bad knees. I was taking 10 different prescription medications a day. Shauna, my personal fitness trainer at the studio, motivated me to change my diet and begin working out with her training methods. I went from 270 to 220 lbs. in just eight months. I’ve completely eliminated three prescription drugs and dramatically increased my energy and zest for life.
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