Warning: This Pic Of Snooki’s Son Wishing Her Good Luck May Cause Spontaneous Pregnancy

8 Common pregnancy myths busted

Because maybe, IF YOU’RE REALLY LUCKY, you’ll cook one up as adorable as this kid. Pregnant yet? Tonight, Snooki makes her “Dancing with the Stars” debut , and her little man is already rooting her on from his high chair. Nicole shared this pic of Lorenzo with a “Good Luck Mommy!!!” sign on her Facebook page earlier today, writing, “OMG DYING!! My biggest supporter besides Jionni.” Of course, fans like y’all are pulling for her as well, so we expect to see some arts and crafts of your own posted online during the show. We can’t imagine they’ll be as cute as this ish, but really, what is?
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Positive pregnancy tests for sale on Craigslist

Fact: Experts say there is no scientific basis for this assumption and it is the woman’s muscle size, structure, the position of the foetus, posture, and the amount of fat deposited around her abdomen that play a role in the size and shape of a pregnant belly. Myth 2: Craving for salty foods means you’re having a boy. Craving for sweet foods indicate a girl is expected. Fact: Research shows that cravings have nothing to do with determining the sex of a baby. Myth 3: Another myth is predicting the sex of the baby by holding a string with a ring in it over a pregnant belly. If it moves back and forth it is a boy, if it moves in a circle, it is a girl. Fact: While there is no truth in this, you could probably do it for a laugh.
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Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Email for details. There have been similar Craigslist ads in cities throughout the nation, including Toledo, Indianapolis, Chicago and Phoenix all about $10 more expensive than the local going rate. EBay also has ads. Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, in urine. According to the Mayo Clinic, with most tests the end of a dipstick is held in a stream of urine or immersed in a container of collected urine for five to 10 seconds. A few minutes later, the dipstick reveals the test result. Mary McCracken, clinical director at Childrens Advantage, which offers family behavioral health services in Ravenna, Ohio, noted that in hard economic times, people seek all kinds of ways to make money.
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With potent creams, babies’ risks also did not change when women used a total of 100 to 200 grams of the drugs during their entire pregnancy. But when mothers-to-be used 300 grams – the amount in six standard-size tubes – or more, the risk of low birth weight went up sevenfold. The most potent topical creams include clobetasol propionate, betamethasone dipropionate and fluocinonide (marketed as Vanos and Lidex) and are used to treat severe inflammation, itching or psoriasis. Steroids dysregulate placental hormones and probably prevent important proteins from getting to the baby, Chi told Reuters Health. In his team’s study, women who used the ointments were also more likely to have asthma and to take other high-risk medications during pregnancy than those who did not. Skin irritation, discoloration and thickening are common during pregnancy, and corticosteroid creams are prescribed to about six percent of pregnant women, the researchers wrote in JAMA Dermatology. Current guidelines recommend mild- or moderate-strength creams for pregnant women unless potent creams are absolutely necessary, which this study supports, Chi said.
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Most steroid skin creams likely safe during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman has to undergo a lot of problems and other such things related to skin and body changes. When you are pregnant one of the most disturbing thinks to look at is your skin changes on your body. Due to the hormonal imbalance in the body, the skin changes and varies over time in the course of the pregnancy. Skin changes during pregnancy is a common problem which most of the women.
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